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Dec 4
DevOpsCon 18 Munich

Defending against CDD: Chaos-Driven Delivery

You’ve probably heard of BDD and TDD. Well, many teams struggle with CDD: Chaos-Driven Delivery. That is, teams struggle with how to handle the constant onslaught of overwhelming amounts of work and begin to lose hope. The good news is that if you understand operating systems, you already know a great deal about how to tame the chaos! This presentation will show you how to apply common concepts from operating system process management to the way teams process work. Learn how to help your team kick CDD to the curb!

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Feb 25-27
LeanAgile US

Pursuing Lagon - Finding Balance Between Extremes

These days it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of, well… everything. We seem to tackle our daily problems by adding more processes, more policies, more systems, and more work-in-process. This ends up accumulating disappointment instead of success when we don’t stop to understand what gets in our way. We don’t consider that, at least some of the time, more isn’t always better.

It’s time to bring a little balance to the workforce with the concept of lagom (lah-gom). This tiny Swedish word represents the powerful concept of “not too much, not too little, just right.” At first, the concept can seem paradoxical. How can anything other than more of those processes, policies, systems, etc. result in more desirable outcomes? But, once you give it a try, a lagom approach to work can be liberating and allow us to achieve more than we ever could through the relentless pursuit of “more.”

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