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Kanban Board Review

Board reviews start with you walking a Kanban coach through your board and how it works in your context. You'll then have a conversation, including lots of probing questions that allow the coach to provide feedback on what's great and what could be changed to provide further visibility on the issues you highlighted in the conversation. These sessions can be anywhere from 1 hour to half a day, depending on your wants and needs and can be held virtually or at your location.

To schedule a Kanban Board Review, contact me.

Topical Coaching

If there is a particular area you are struggling in, we can help coach you to success. Coaching is targeted to certain topics and can be time-limited or ongoing. Regardless of time-length, our goal is always to make you feel as capable as possible as quickly as you want to go. Common topics for coaching include:

  • visualizing work and the work processes
  • making policies explicit
  • establishing enabling constraints like work-in-process limits
  • moving from a push system to a pull system
  • visualizing impediments / managing flow
  • fully functional feedback loops
  • building a habit of continuous improvement
  • learning how to experiment
  • identifying which metrics to use
  • safely using metrics
  • managing by intent
  • safely distributing decision-making
  • forecasting delivery dates
  • moving from working as individuals to working as a team

To discuss coaching options, contact me.