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May 15-16
DevOps Days Salt Lake City

DevOps Days SLC: Keynote & Workshop

Head to the Silicon Slopes for the 3rd annual DevOps Days Salt Lake City Conference. Julia Wester will be facilitating a workshop on exploring the unhappy path on May 15th and delivering the May 16th keynote entitled "The lagom paradox: sometimes less can be more." This conference tends to sell out so register now to grab your seat!

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May 28
DevOpsCon Berlin

Workshop: Winning at DevOps with Kanban

This is a full-day, interactive workshop is for people new to Lean and Kanban. You will experience the thinking process that guides the visualization of your work and work processes, highlights internal and external pain points, and establishes pull and flow. Games, exercises and discussions will be used throughout the workshop to explore topics in detail. You will receive a certification of course completion at the end of the day.

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May 29
DevOpsCon Berlin

Talk: Finding Metrics that Matter & Using them Safely

How do we know what’s important enough to measure? How do we get a holistic picture of organizational health? How do we ensure our metrics help us more than they hurt us? There are many important questions to consider before doubling down on your inventory of metrics.

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June 1
Visualizing the real story with Kanban

Workshop: Visualizing the real story with Kanban

The cornerstone to really taming the chaos of life is the ability to see what's truly going on. But, teams don't always find it easy to break down their work and workflow in a way that's easy to visualize. This 2-hour online workshop gives people a repeatable framework to help any team or group create a Kanban visualization that provides value. Limited to 5 participants due to the highly interactive nature of this online workshop!

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Aug 6-10
Agile 2018

Talks: Development & Test Metrics 101 + Data Driven Coaching

We're back at the big Agile conference! Julia Wester will join Cat Swetel to talk about Development & Test Metrics 101 and Cheryl Hammond to talk about Data Driven Coaching. These talks live in the amazing Agile Data Metrics and Forecasting track organized by Troy Magennis of Focused Objective.

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